The Company & its Objectives:

                             The Company's objectives continue to

                            • Enlarge capital base in India in order to diversify into tea plantations.
                            • Expand international consultancy business.
                            • Increase tea exports, particularly in the value added tea segment.


Although we started primarily as a tea consulting company our exports have expanded to become our main business. Our thrust is branded teas for the upper market segment.

Our strategies for packaging, pricing and marketing have gone a long way towards boosting buyer confidence and establishing our professional status, both in India and abroad. Testimony to this has come in the form of repeat orders and the forging of long-term business relationships.


As a consultancy organisation our prime task is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of tea producing and trading companies, in order to advise them on how to optimize business opportunities for profit enhancement.To this end we have, over the years, prepared vital consultancy reports and surveys for large companies in India and abroad. These relate to tea cultivation, processing, marketing and brand promotion.

Our expertise has been extensively tapped in the field of quality checking of tea for shipment. This we have done and continue to do on behalf of a number of global tea importing companies.

Apart from being an advisory body, we sometimes process and implement our recommendations for our clients. This additional service has enjoyed a high level of success.



Product and trade knowledge are Al Shokur's main assets. We use our professional data bank of information on tea production, tea drinking habits and universal tea trends to monitor global tea production and tea markets, as well as to forecast events and make an accurate analysis of happenings in the tea industry.

Some Of Our Achievements:

• Pioneering work in the United Arab Emirates, Islamic Republic of Iran, Russia, Germany and selected Middle East and CIS countries.

• Successful implementation of our recommendations on value added tea made to leading tea plantations and multinational tea trading companies.

• Successful, on-field implementation of our recommendations in time bound and cost effective programmes.

• An unbiased approach to "matching standards" for goods bound for shipment that has resulted in unqualified customer satisfaction, repeat orders and a large customer base.

• Successful marketing of attractive, competitively priced tea caddies and packets to quality conscious global markets, in direct competition with West European companies. These include Premium Orthodox CTC, Darjeeling and Nilgiri Teas. Independent panels have awarded top ranking to these teas for several successive years.