Current Business Activities:

Al Shokur's present project is controlling quality and contracted quantities of tea going to private importers based in a certain, highly quality conscious West Asian market. The exporters of these teas are the top tea producers of India - companies that are uncompromising in their commitment to quality.

Our exports today include bulk tea to United Arab Emirates, Islamic Republic of Iran, Germany, Russia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and as well as value added packaged tea to the Middle East and CIS countries.

In addition to tea, we export tea packaging machinery and other tea related products to different countries.

One of our most successful export ventures has been the marketing of our three caddies-in-one carton in Russia, where it has been judged the best imported tea for several years by the newspapers of Moscow.

Tasting & Selection

     Charting the Future:

Al Shokur plans to continue its core business of advising tea producers on how to optimize their strengths for profit maximization. Our thrust will be to change a mind set that considers tea marketing as "selling a commodity" to one of "marketing teas as branded product". This would help create a brand identity for various products, enhance brand image and also position tea as a unique, health giving, environment friendly beverage.

Next on our priority is export operations expansion - and to achieve this without compromising our professional image. We are confident that, with the economic reforms bringing about major changes in India, East Europe and the former Soviet Union, we can further increase our export potential. We can also help promote overseas trade in tea and other competitively priced Indian products.

Finally, Al Shokur is examining the possibilities of overseas collaboration to open branch offices in key foreign locations.