These caddies, miniature chest and packets contains pure Darjeeling and fine Assam teas as well as teas from the Nilgiris and other areas of South India specially selected by a panel of experienced tea tasters. Also available is loose tea both in original straight lines as well as blended bulk tea.
Old Moscow Tea
A three-in-one product in round, beautifully printed black and gold metal caddies. Contains 200gms high quality Darjeeling tea, 300gms Assam Orthodox Whole Leaf tea and 500gms strong, granulated CTC tea. Primarily targeted at Russia and the other CIS countries but also aimed at Germany and Western Europe.
Zlatoglavayya Rossija Tea
This is Russian for Golden Heads. A gift cum souvenier pack, it contains three elegant metal caddies, picturing churches and monuments with golden domes. The largest caddy contains 500gms of top quality Assam CTC tea. The medium caddy contains 300gms of tippy Assam Orthodox Whole Leaf tea and the smallest contains 200gms of premium Darjeeling Leaf tea.
Arjuna Tea
100gms cartons of CTC tea designed and developed exclusively for the May co., Moscow.
Totem Tea
Orthodox and CTC teas packed in green and blue cartons of 100 gms each specially for Totem Co. Ltd., Moscow and targeted at CIS countries.
Naina Tea
Quality CTC tea packed in 100gms cartons or 125gms chestlets largely aimed at CIS countries.
Najma Tea
Good quality Orthodox smaller brokens packed in 100gms carton. Largely aimed at CIS countries.
Negin Tea
Finest tippy orthodox wholeleaf mainly exported to the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Al Jaleeb Tea
These packets contain high quality pure Assam granulated CTC broken teas specially prepared for discerning non resident Indians. It is available in cartons of 225gms, 450gms & 900gms. Also available in Pet Jars of 250gms and 500gms and 5Kgs Bags (loose). Designed and developed exclusively for Jaleel General Trading LLC, Dubai, UAE.
Falcon Red Tea
These packets contain high quality CTC teas available in cartons of 250gms, 500gms, 900gms and 1Kg. Designed and developed exclusively for Al Kadib Trading EST, Riyadh, KSA.
Falcon Yellow Tea
These packets contain finest quality CTC teas available in cartons of 250gms, 500gms, 900gms and 1Kg. Designed and developed exclusively for Al Kadib Trading EST, Riyadh, KSA.
Ahmed Tea
Availble in packets of 250gmseach of high quality Darjeeling tea, tippy Assam Orthodox Leaf tea, granulated Assam CTC tea and delicate, aromatic Leaf tea from the Nilgiris in South India.
Sherpa Tea
A high quality aromatic and flavousome Darjeeling tea for connoisseurs packed in cartons and chestlets available in sizes of 100gms and above.
President Tea
25 tea bags of quality Indian strong Assam CTC dust tea. Net weight 50gms.
Old Calcutta Tea
A souvenir round metal caddy of 250gms depicting the days of the "British Raj" in eighteenth century Calcutta. This yellow caddy contains pure and premium Darjeeling wholeleaf tea.
Banglar Cha
CTC Leaf Tea packed in sizes of 10gm , 25gm , 50gm , 100gm and 250gm pouches. Also available in 2.5Kg Pet Jars and 5Kgs Bags (loose). Largely aimed at markets of rural West Bengal.
Mallika Tea
Royal CTC Tea packed in 250gm and 1Kg pouches. Largely aimed at North Indian markets specially   
Punjab and Delhi.